Invisalign Express Cost

Invisalign express cost can vary depending upon different factors. Invisalign is a simpler alternative to the traditional system. Here we present you some useful information about the procedure and its costs.

How much is the Invisalign Express Cost ?

There are different way you can pay for invisalign express. This depends on different factors. If you pay with cash or insurance you will get different prices. Also the location can affect the cost. You need to arrange with your orthodontist all the details for your treatment. So there is not  a final answer on this question.

You can assume that costs can be between $1,700 and $3,600. $2,500 is the average.

Invisalign Express Cost

How can you pay?

There are several was to pay for your treatment. Third-party financing is an option if you do not have dental coverage or insurance. However usually people pay through their dental insurances. Other possible options are paying with credit card or asking for a personal loan.

Alternatively you can get a dental discount plan. This mean that you pay monthly or yearly for a membership so that you receive a percentage off of the dental treatments.

Are you good candidate for Invisalign Express?

Before deciding how to pay and cost you need to know if you are qualified for this treatment. Remember the invisalign express system is almost the same as a regular treatment but with the difference that it only covers the upper or lower teeth, half of the mouth.

You need to check with your ortodonthist which level of misalignment you have. You can qualify if you have lower to moderate amount of crowding. If that’s not the case probably you will need to use traditional braces.

Listen this orthodontist explaining how to know if can qualify for invisalign.

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