Headgear braces: Reviews and Stories

The Orthodontic headgear braces, is a kind of orthodontic product that is hooked up to the dental braces or to the palatal expander. it’s purpose is the correction of severe bite problems in kids and adults. The headgear creates special force to move the teeth into a better position. Amount of time needed to use the braces may vary, it’s often determined by the patient issues.

There 2 main types of headgear braces:

  • Facebow” type: it in a bow-like form that fitinto the braces of the back teeth. It has a strap that can go behind the neck or over the head. This strap provides is known to determine the needed quantity and pressure part.
  • J hook type: it incubate the use of two loops & lines on their end that are attached to the braces. It also has an hook behind the neck to provide the necessary pressure.

Headgear Braces

In many cases the use of an headgear braces, spun from 8-12 hours per day for 9 to 18 months. However the length or period of time the headgear braces in been used is determined by the technicality of the problems. Patients will experience some soreness when their headgear is installed as well as when chewing. This soreness may persist for the next few days until the teeth become adjusted to the pressure of the headgear. Therefore the key to pain relief is using the headgear braces regularly and constantly and not to remove it for particular periods of time

Orthodontic specialists recommend using the headgear as instructed for better and faster results. Patients have to be very careful while wearing the headgear. It should be removed whenever the patient will be having an ultra movement exercise like sport. Patients should make sure to clean the headgear as instructed and be careful when removing it since it can hurt your eyes, cheeks or lips.

The orthodontic headgear has been used for hundreds of years, most often, in children who are still growing. Due to improvements in other orthodontic appliances, people use less often the headgear today than it once was. The headgear is sometimes uncomfortable and even painful.

How to use them

Nevertheless, it is very effective when used in combination with other dental appliances such as braces. One of the main complaints about the headgear has to be with its appearance. Patients feel embarrassed wearing this appliance so they avoid using it as much as possible, especially in public. However patients have to be very consistent and remember that poor compliance will result in worse results and will increase the treatment time. Orthodontists recommend never to go a complete 24 hour period without wearing the headgear. Although it might be uncomfortable to use the headgear braces,while sleeping, patients should wear it at least 12 hours at home throughout the night.